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The Boone Witch Project

My personal journey on the path

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Rule #1: Do not Friend this journal or comment if you intend to: attack me for my beliefs, tell me how wrong I am or that I'm going to Hell, or proselytize to me. I will only delete you.

Well, as you may have guessed, I'm a pagan. I'm relatively new to the path. I've been studying for almost three years now. I'm an eclectic solitary who is just starting to get comfortable with the idea of "coming out of the broom closet", but I'm slow to do it. I have my "stealth altar", as I call it, inside a nice wooden box I got at A.C. Moore. I celebrate my sabbats carefully, and the only people I've told so far are my best friends from college. They have their ideas, and in some cases reservations, but they still love and support me. This journal is yet another tool I will be using as I continue on my path to spiritual happiness. I will periodically make entries as to what I am doing to celebrate, what I'm learning, observations I've made, and many other things. Feel free to friend me, since there most certainly will be Friends Only posts, but this is mostly just a place for me to record my life as an emerging pagan.

~Blessed be.