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Update - The Boone Witch Project
My personal journey on the path
Well, I didn't get to do a ritual or anything for Samhain/Halloween. I wasn't home and didn't have any of my stuff with me. I did say a small prayer for blessings in the next year outside under the beautiful fall colors. It was just after the sun had set and the still golden light made the atmosphere perfect.

Last week I did my first closure ritual. A month previous I had done a small ritual to bring prosperity. The second ritual was to end or bring closure to the first, which had run it's planned course. I burned the parchment containing the original spell using the joined flames of my Goddess and God candles. Then I scattered the ashes to the wind. Afterwards, I felt so wonderful. There was a real sense of peace and calm. It really lifted my spirits.

I can't wait to plan my next ritual. The weather is getting colder. The skies will be clearer and the absence of leaves on the trees will give me much more moonlight to work with. I love the moonlight in winter. It's very comforting and pleasing to me. Always has been.

Well, that's it for now. I'll write more later.

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